Welcome, I’m Melanie Steel – Interim HR Director, HR Consultant and Founder of People Change Expertise

Does your organisation need interim HR expertise to help with the people implications that come from downsizing, growing, or simply improving the effectiveness of your business? Maybe you need to transform your HR function or need an HR Director for a short-term period.

With a proven track record across the private and public sectors, I’ll establish effective relationships across all levels of business. I’ll quickly integrate into your organisation and work with you to make the changes needed or deliver the HR service required within deadline and budget.

Interim HR Director

My Services Include:

Interim HR Director

It can take time to recruit the right staff for your organisation. I’ll step in as interim HR director to cover:

  • a gap between permanent hires
  • maternity leave
  • long-term absence

I’ll lead your HR team to deliver HR services in the short term, while also acting as strategic adviser to the senior leadership team.

Interim HR Director

HR Change and Transformation

Managing change within your organisation is challenging. I can provide additional interim expertise to help you manage the impact on your people and to fully realise the benefits of the change on your organisation’s culture. My expertise covers:

  • restructuring
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • downsizing or rapid growth
  • implementation of new technology, processes and system

I’ll work with your business leaders and HR teams to advise on and implement the changes needed. I’ll also ensure solutions are put into practice quickly and efficiently, smoothing out difficulties as they arise.

Transformation of the HR Function 

There may have been changes in the wider organisation and you find yourself needing changes to the HR function. I can act as an independent source of support while advising on and implementing changes to the HR operating model, systems and processes.

HR Consultancy

Sometimes you just need someone to carry out a one-off piece of work quickly and effectively. This could be reviewing the effectiveness of the Senior Board, an organisational restructure, or an important people problem that needs a solution.

HR Consultancy Expert